Woke Project is a community platform founded by a South African based Social Anthropologist, Commentator, Speaker and African Feminist, Rebone Masemola. The aim is to use the site to share a diversity of content that comments on the challenges and the lived experiences of the young Africans living on the continent and in the diaspora. Its to give a safe spaces for emerging voices that otherwise get marginalized by mainstream platforms, while also exposing their unique views to the world.  we acknowledge and don't take for granted the value that comes with feeling and being represented in the world, in the long term, we seek to bridge the gaps that exist when it comes to giving a platform to the Young, Black, Women, Queer, Trans, non-conformists, poor and disabled of the continent. 

Through forums, events, open and safe spaces in the worlds, Woke Project will ensure that the powerful voices of these future leaders manifest and have a presence in the physical world. It will inspire movements and bring unlikely allies together to forester meaningful change. Thus in the last few years there has been an increase in the number of young people learning, taking on and pushing for a more inter-sectional, inclusive and representative societies. They have been offering up uncompromising and informed social, political and economically charged conscious analysis from everything between pop-culture, education , sexuality and African practices. They continue to use their diverse voices and platforms to drive for decolonized change on the continent, and have inspired others to do the same, Woke Project wants to help further these radical voices.

The platform serves as an accessible gateway that ensures the work and experiences of such young people and their African narratives reach the masses. There is a need to tap into intersectionally nuanced stories and experiences that form the make-up of different people with shared lived realities, to inspire our readers with ways to take concrete action of their own against things like gender based violence and corruption, as well as connect them with relevant organizations and grassroots activists already actively involved in causes of their choosing. Through Woke Project, Rebone Masemola is working on elevating the work of Emerging Thinkers and Doers by providing an open-platform where anyone–from teens to International Non-Profits–can make their voices heard. We address issues that stand for #allthingswoke, from art commentary, sexuality to marketing within the African cultural context. 

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